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GymBudy creates a digital atmosphere  where fitness lovers can search their local city and  connect with other fitness lovers for the purpose of working out together.  

 Whether indoors or outdoors, the basic subscription features a unique matching system which enables individuals to meet others who share similar fitness interests and goals to connect at local gyms, parks, or fitness events etc.  

 And for those who require a more professional approach, GymBudy features a trainer mode accessible through premium subscription, this mode allows individuals to browse and identify local fitness trainers, book sessions and even pay the trainers via the application.
Our goal is to create a fitness community where people can rely on GymBudy for access to everything fitness related.

 For example, in the near future, GymBudy will give fitness lovers the ability to not only connect and workout, but also incorporate shopping for fitness gear, supplements, nutritional/dietary support, and much, much more.

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gymbudy logo.png
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